Transforming Europe: WWI and Its Consequences 1918 – 2018

b9fcbb24“Transforming Europe”

is an eTwinning and Erasmus Plus project for secondary school students on WWI and its consequences 1918 – 2018.

Module 2 (Mar 2016 – Sep 2016) focuses on LITERATURE

and encourages students from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands to

work creatively with poems and prose of the time.



Writers’ Gallery

2.1 Glory and Grief

2.1 Task 1: A Memorable Teacher/Lesson (Warmup activity: Students exchange school anecdotes via a forum.)

2.1 Task 2: A Good Teacher (Students compile a list of characteristics of a good teacher.)

2.1 Task 3: Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front (Students analyze the first two film scenes, 00:00 – 09:58, and discuss the role of the teacher and the reactions of the students.)
2.1 Task 3: Remarque: Material

2.1 Task 4: Kipling: For All We Have and Are
2.1 Task 4: Kipling: Material

2.1 Task 4: Kipling: Creative Work (Students create their own war posters with text snippets from Kipling’s poem)

2.1 Task 5: Asquith: The Volunteer
2.1 Task 5: Asquith: Material
2.1 Task 5: Asquith: Creative Work (Students work on war memorial designs based on Asquith’s poem.)

2.1 Task 6: Tynan: Joining the Colours
2.1 Task 6: Tynan: Material
(Students choose quotations from Tynan’s Joining the Colours and illustrate them with screenshots from the 1930 film adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front, 10:00 -33:16)

2.1 Task 7: Brooke: The Soldier
2.1 Task 7: Brooke: Material (Students write a dialogue between Brooke’s soldier and a person of their choice about why he should/shouldn’t  go to war.)

2.1 Task 8: Brooke’s ‘The Soldier’ Revisited (Students read an interview with poetry expert Adrian Barlow from Cambridge University and summerise their own views on early British WWI poetry in a blog post.)

2.1 Task 8: Brooke: Material

Easter Greeting (Students are introduced to Edward Thomas’ In Memoriam.)

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