Conference Agenda

1) War Guilt
2) Reparations (+ demilitarization)
3) Territorial disputes:
– Germany: F, Bel, Po, CZ – Eupen/Malmedy, Alsace-Lorraine, Rhineland, Silesia, Hultschin, Poznan, Danzig et al
– Austria: I, Yugo, CZ, Po – Galicia, Croatia, Slovenia, South Tyrol, Venetia, Bohemia, Moravia, Hungary, Istra/Rijeka et al
– China: G, UK, Japan, (USA) – Tsingtao, Kiautschou/Jiāozhōu Shantung/Shandong, Manchuria
– Osman Empire: F, UK, I, Hejaz, R – Balkans, Jordania, Persia, Arabic Peninsula et al
4) League of States/Nations
– disarmament
– non-aggression
– military forces in case of non-compliance
– independence of colonies
– exit clauses
– economical provisions
– seat of the League

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